The best way to express love, to give emotions and feelings important to you people.
Original ways to recall your feelings, your love.

Pass the taste of love

Wine with a wish

Give your beloved delicious emotions, pleasures. You are a man and you can give her the opportunity to get drunk with the strength of your love. Emphasize your feelings on the author's bottle of wine, created according to the famous love recipe, Georgian wine-maker Nodar Gvaramadze

Emphasize its importance

Taxi with your name

You know that you want to emphasize its importance and significance. She is loved by you. So let the whole world know about your love story. We know how to surprise, how to impress. She will say yes, if you conquer it with your scale. So subdue her, and we will help.

Special places

Rendezvous on the beach

We will provide you an individual beach, nature in Georgia, in Batumi will give you a beautiful sunset, and for you there will be only love.

Special places

Ferris wheel

We deserve the trust of 10,000 customers, and you deserve it is her love. So remind me today of your feelings, in the most specific place in Batumi.

Wind of Love

Boat trip

They say that love can not be described, but it can be shared. In your tender arms, on the waves of the black sea, on the boat myGeorigaLove you write your story of happiness.

Everything for you

100 and 1 white rose

Let her Monday be happy - give flowers, without warning and expectations. Deliver the courier, will attach a note from you. "You made my day, thank you, beloved!" - Her sms will be your reward